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Peterbilt Loyalty Program

Membership in our Loyalty program is an easy way to save

Get instant discounts on quality parts and service with a membership in the Peterbilt Loyalty program. From batteries to brakes, air springs, and engine oil, you’ll earn rewards and save money every day. Don’t wait another moment to join the Peterbilt Loyalty program!

Discounts that let you save money today

Your membership in the Peterbilt Loyalty program is your express ticket to savings. In addition to the annual rewards, each month you will receive new discounts and discount offers. They’re easy to claim. Just provide us with your phone number and email address.

Savings can be found on parts from top brands, original equipment manufacturers, original PACCAR Parts, and TRP® quality replacement parts. You will also receive service promotions that include discounts on our installation and maintenance services.

Rewards worth saving for

It couldn’t be more simple. The more you take advantage of your Peterbilt Loyalty offers, the more exclusive rewards you earn. Check out these simple steps to follow, and you can start earning a lot.

Use your membership to claim three discount offers offered by the Peterbilt Loyalty program on three different days during the quarterly promotion period, and you will be rewarded with an exclusive savings offer.

Each quarter, the reward period is reset, and there will be a new reward to be earned. Your reward is available for 90 days. There is a limit of one reward per registered customer, per quarterly promotion period. Signup is free, so join the program today and start saving with your first purchase!

Contact us to start your membership : 1-888-378-7731