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Enter the new electric era

Peterbilt is the industry leader in alternative powertrain offerings. Its electric vehicle lineup, which features the 220EV, 520EV and 579EV, is the most comprehensive on the market and leads the industry with high-efficiency, zero-emission vehicles.


The Peterbilt 220EV plays a crucial role as the medium-capacity electric vehicle in Peterbilt’s EV family. The 220EV offers environmentally conscious customers a zero-emission vehicle for clean, efficient operation and reduced overall maintenance.

Designed for operator comfort and productivity, the 220EV provides improved visibility, superior maneuverability, a spacious interior, and easy maintenance for maximum uptime.

This model is ideal for short-haul delivery.

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Peterbilt 220 EV


The 520EV is Peterbilt’s electric vehicle for the residential and commercial waste collection market. It allows for the collection of up to 1,100 residential waste bins on a single charge.

The 520EV takes advantage of the frequent stops and starts that are typical of the waste collection segment to generate electricity through regenerative braking. This technology transfers energy to the batteries to extend range and reduce brake pad wear, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and a smooth, quiet ride.

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Peterbilt 520EV


The 579EV offers environmentally conscious customers a high-performance, zero-emissions vehicle for clean, efficient operation and reduced overall maintenance.

The 579EV’s day cab configuration features a battery-electric propulsion system that uses energy stored in large, thermally managed lithium iron phosphate battery packs to meet propulsion and other power needs. Various innovative and advanced technologies make efficient use of battery energy while achieving superior vehicle performance.

Peterbilt’s 579EV is ideal for short-haul transport applications (furniture stores, moving companies, etc.) and drayage in port operations. These applications involve frequent stops and starts, creating several opportunities for the use of regenerative braking, which transfers energy to the battery packs to extend range and reduce brake pad wear, providing fuel efficiency and a quiet ride.

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TransDiff 579EV

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